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Acton Ealing Whistlers Youth FC  W5 1HP, -0.296000

Actual Soccer FCW5 1HP, -0.296000

AFC Kenton FCHA9 8FB,-0.297493

AFC Wembley Youth FCHA9 8FB,-0.297493

AGV Starz FCW3 0JH,-0.275196

APB BarnetEN5 2AG, -0.229937

APB PinnerHA5 1TW, -0.386689

Belmont United Youth FCHA8 6BY, -0.280574

Bessingby Park Rangers FCHA4 0BY, -0.411271

Bessingby Park Rangers FCHA4 9PG,-0.395168

Brentham ColtsW5 1NP,-0.309423

Brook House Youth FCUB4 8DD,-0.415724

Brunswick FCTW8 9LR,-0.320173

Celtic FCUB6 9FH, -0.348238

Challenger Youth FCUB2 4RP,-0.374847

Chiswick Youth FCW4 2SH, -0.255871

Concorde Rangers FCTW5 9PQ, -0.403713

Conquest FCTW5 9PD, -0.405069

Conquest FCTW7 6DW, -0.332146

Conquest FCTW4 6JG, -0.398980

Dragons United FCHA0 3HG, -0.316495

Eagles FCHA8 0NP, -0.256165

Eclipse FCUB1 2AR, -0.379138

Elite Magic FCTW13 7EF, -0.402322

Explorers FCUB7 0DW, -0.455229

FC Real FCW4 2SP, -0.258320

Football Samurai FCW3 0JF,-0.269276

Forest United YouthHA3 0QQ,-0.294682

Forest United YouthHA3 0PE,-0.299166

Foxes FCW8 6LU, -0.202824

Foxes FCW12 0HR, -0.228090

Foxes FCW3 7BP, -0.252369

Fusion FCN7 0EB, -0.132368

Future FCHA9 9JP, -0.278507

Greenford Celtic FCW3 0BP,-0.267216

Hampstead Youth FCNW7 2ED,-0.232883

Hanwell FCW3 8JY, -0.280876

Hanwell Town Youth FCUB6 8TL,-0.32807

Hanwell Town Youth FCUB5 5NR, -0.388413

Hanwell Town Youth FCW7 2AH, -0.330157

Hanwell Town Youth FCUB6 8PR, -0.348677

Harlesden Hawks FCNW10 9BX, -0.254657

Harrow St Marys Youth FCHA1 1NS, -0.342510

Harrow United FCHA3 0UH, -0.293586

Headstone Manor Youth FCHA2 6PX,-0.353926

Hendon Youth FCNW9 7NE, -0.257344

Hendon Youth FCNW9 8BR, -0.257777

Hillingdon Youth FCUB4 8PS,-0.435036

Ickenham Youth FCUB10 8QY,-0.444628

Ickenham Youth FCUB10 8TT,-0.440122

Ickenham Youth FCUB8 1NS, -0.469825

Ickenham Youth FCUB10 8JH, -0.450008

Just Sports Youth FCNW10 1JH,-0.23666

Kensington Dragons Youth FCW10 6BY,-0.218786

Kensington Dragons Youth FCW12 0EA,-0.236746

Kinja FCHA8 6AG, -0.289599

Kinja FCHA3 9TE,-0.285841

Kodak Youth FCHA3 6JU, -0.343767

Langley Hornets FCSL0 0HS,-0.520524

Langley Hornets FCSL3 8NZ, -0.544985

Langley Youth FCSL3 7QR, -0.555233

Larkspur Rovers Youth FCUB5 5FE,-0.381692

LNER Youth FCHA0 2TE, -0.323372

LNER Youth FCW13 0AL,-0.330173

London Athletic FCHA8 8NS (this is wrong), -0.279923

London Athletic FCNW4 1PS, -0.233533

London Athletic FCNW7 2BD, -0.238044

London Eagles Youth FCUB5 5NR,-0.385941

LJJ Frontiers FCW3 0HT, -0.286554

London Tigers FCUB1 2AR, -0.379189

London United Tigers FCW12 0DF, -0.237687

LPOSSA Youth FCHA1 3QL,-0.335074

Magix Youth FCW12 0EA, -0.237326

Old Actonians Youth FCW3 9AP, -0.283221

Old Actonians Youth FCW4 5LD (correct but not as h'book), -0.260030

Parkfield Youth FCHA3 6PU,-0.356458

Pinner Albion FCHA2 6PX,-0.353926

Pinner United FCHA4 9BU,-0.403794

Pinnstars FCHA5 1JF,-0.383173

Pitshanger FCW13 8DL,-0.321182

Pitshanger FCW13 0AY,-0.325945

Polonia FCW12 0DF, -0.237687

Princes Park Youth FCNW9 7ND,-0.247646

Protec Youth FCN12 0RF, -0.164035

Protec Youth FCEN1 1HQ, -0.068402

Protec Youth FCUB4 9LE, -0.397480

Ruislip Rangers FCHA4 7JZ,-0.419909

Ruislip Town FCHA4 6PD,-0.419767

Ruislip Town FCUB10 9DE,-0.438062

St Andrews Youth FCNW10 8LW, -0.266297

St Andrews Youth FCNW10 9BX, -0.254698

St Johns Wood FCN2 0SE, -0.187044

St Johns Wood FCNW1 4NR, -0.151222

St Josephs Youth FCHA3 8HS,-0.315753

St Josephs Youth FCHA3 7QX, -0.329415

St Lawrence Youth FCNW9 7EU, -0.247101

Sandgate Youth FCUB3 1PL, -0.444449

Spartans Youth FCTW8 9JX, -0.316250

Spartans Youth FCTW8 9QT,-0.294596

TFA Bushey FCWD23 2TY, -0.367930

TFA Bushey FCHA2 6NF, -0.361520

TFA Totteridge FCN20 9DZ, -0.170726

TFA Totteridge FCNW4 1RL, -0.229044

TFA Totteridge FCNW9 5PR, -0.241572

TFA Totteridge FCHA8 0RE, -0.257898

TFA United FCN10 1JP, -0.154343

Tufnell Park Youth FCN7 0EB, -0.132427

Venceremos FCHA2 9TY,-0.370298

W4 Youth Rangers FCW4 5LD, -0.260030

Wealdstone Youth FCHA4 6JQ,-0.418042

Wealdstone Youth FCHA4 0BY,-0.411433

Wembley Youth FCHA0 3HG,-0.318113

Willesden Constantine Youth FCHA0 1JH,-0.304681

Youngs FCNW2, -0.237136

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